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Server Farm Dynamic Feedback

This project, lovingly knowns as the Online Beamspot Determination, was the coding project that received the lion’s share of my graduate coding hours.  And after many many grueling code-compile-test-redeploy cycles, all we got was this beautiful diagram.  Well, OK.  We

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Infinite Volume Simulations

Hi Team, So here’s a puzzler for today:  How can you numerically simulate two planets interacting via gravity, in a universe with infinite volume?  Of course you only have standard computing architecture available.  Once you have a guess, make gravity repulsive

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Ineffective Sorts

So xkcd had a delightful comic a few days ago about Ineffective Sorts (and below), and it really struck a chord with me. I’ve often hear of people being asked to (pseudo)code quicksort, or something similar, during an interview. This

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Printing TTree Branches

I use ROOT, you use ROOT, all of high energy physics uses ROOT.  How many times have you found yourself scrolling through that graphical TBrowser trying to find that one particular TBranch in the TTree?  Like someone sends you the

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Hello world!

print “Hello, World!” I’m trying to throw up this site quickly, so there will almost certainly be bugs/spelling mistakes/swearing in posts as I go.  Be patient, and lemme know what I’ve screwed up so it can get fixed pronto.  

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